A black cat with green eyes and a fluffy tail is lying on the floor holding a colourful toy.
September 12, 2019
A small black and white kitten is holding tight his human's hug
A shy kitten Dewey
October 4, 2019

Nicki, an Acropolis cat, was rescued moments before certain death. She was found bone skinny with pus filled around her nose. Our volunteer took her immediately to the vet where she was diagnosed with respiratory issues and received the necessary treatments. Her health has improved greatly, however she might need a simple antibiotic treatment from time to time. Nicki is spayed and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. She is also parasite-free.

Nicki has become a semi-chubby sweet looking kitty. She has the softest black and white fur and lovely green eyes that look into your soul. Nicki, who is now a year old, is a very inquisitive girl, with a gentle and independent personality.  She loves playing with toys, and enjoys fetching games, just like a dog! Nicki purrs like a rapper and loves human companion. She also gets along with other friendly cats and dogs. Nicki is very comfortable traveling by car and adopts very fast to new environments, even for short vacations.

Nicki is an easy-going indoor kitty and she can co exist with other pets just as much as being on her own. She adjusts fast and well. The ideal family will love her besides her chronic respiratory issues and will be willing to support her treatment if and when needed. She would be a great companion for children but also for older people. She is the purfect companion! If interested do contact us by clicking the pink button below.