A cute black kitten is sitting comfortably on the rails of a balcony door.
Zeus, a young black cat
October 13, 2021
A blind kitten looking for adoption lies in a box surrounded by toys.
Merlin, a blind kitten looking for adoption
October 15, 2021

Nica, the cat that will change your life

A tabby cat with green eyes is looking somewhere outside the frame from inside her cozy and colourful cat bed.

Nica is a unique, one of a kind cat that will change the life of her adopter. She came to us neglected, abused and very scared. After a long period of adjustment, and many foster changes, Nica is now ready for a forever home. She is the perfect companion and definitely a healer animal. Very sociable and human-oriented, we are looking for a quiet environment for her. Ideally with people that spend many hours at home. This special cat is almost 4 years old, healthy, spayed and bears a microchip. We believe that she would be a great fit for people who suffer from depression or people that are lonely.

Our sweet Nica has a super soft fur with amazing tabby markings and striking green eyes that look right into your soul. She is a very funny cat and will surely make you laugh as you watch her chasing her own tail. Nica is also very chatty, and always in the mood to listen to your problems. Kneading, purring and sleeping on your lap are her favorite things in the world.

This special companion is an absolute delight, her foster mum can’t imagine a more perfect cat! She’s very clean and careful with her stuff but not at all shy and in fact super social. And not just with her but anyone who’s come over. She owned the house from day 1 and won everyone’s hearts, especially her boyfriend’s who was skeptical of an indoor cat before she came and within weeks became obsessed with her. Her foster mum’s favourite things about her are for sure her cuddliness, how she runs to greet her every day she comes home from work and won’t stop cuddling and laying on her feet to prevent her from leaving again, how she sleeps together with her, and her goofy curiosity and playfulness.

She’s also incredibly smart and always comes over to sit with those who are feeling down. A weird quirk of hers is to sit in front of the mirror and look at her human and meow at her via the mirror instead of looking at her  directly. She loves playing with laser toys and hanging out on your shoulders to see the world from above. She never caused any trouble, through messiness or trying to run away or anything. Literally the ideal cat!