A young tortoiseshell cat on a blue background poised to pounce on a toy
August 6, 2020
Cover of a calendar featuring a grey-white cat in front of green bushes.
2021 calendar is here – Home sweet home edition!
September 7, 2020


An adorable small kitten with white fur and black marks on his ears and nose is lying comfortably into a woman's arms.

While still tiny and nursing, small kitten Neville was traumatically severed from his mommy because of human error, and a few days later saw his little brother get run over by a car. He cowered for cover in the bushes and under cars, while a Nine Lives volunteer tried to lure him close with food. Then, one day, he suddenly stopped eating, and became so dehydrated his little jaw creaked. In his weakened state, he was captured and taken to the vet, who diagnosed a nigh-fatal flea-induced infection.

Thankfully, with lots of love and treatment, Neville recovered fully and has become a beautiful strapping boy almost four months-old now. He is still wary of humans, but can’t suppress his affectionately purry and playful nature. An inventive, curious, and incredibly cute little scamp, with those big expressive eyes and his paw-print paws, this small kitten is now looking for that warm, responsible, safe and loving forever home that every little soul deserves.

He will of course be microchipped, deloused and dewormed, with a full health certificate, and will have all his shots before given away. If interested in adopting shy little Neville, please click the pink button below!