Five of six cute and cuddly kittens who are ready for adoption
Six cute and cuddly kittens
June 16, 2020
A dilute calico kitten and a white peach one are standing next to each other on a wooden step.
Molly & Prince, two gorgeous kittens.
June 23, 2020


A white tabby cat with pink nose is laying on a green bed with a green curtain in the background.

Naimi is a white young cat with a few tabby markings found at a park, starving and seeking for attention. She is about 6 months old, friendly and sociable. Naimi is fostered alone but we think she would appreciated some feline company. She is quite independent and will come to you when she wants to play or if it’s time for cuddles! This adorable white cutie can be quite vocal when she wants to! A calm, quiet but also playful companion who loves wet food. Naimi is healthy, spayed and will be given vaccinated. Her favorite game is chasing balls. If interested in this young beauty please click the pink button!