A white tabby cat with pink nose is laying on a green bed with a green curtain in the background.
June 23, 2020
A collage of a mother cat and her sweet young tabby kittens
Suzanna and her little stars!
June 28, 2020

Molly & Prince, two gorgeous kittens.

A dilute calico kitten and a white peach one are standing next to each other on a wooden step.

Molly and Prince are two gorgeous kittens born by a beautiful stray cat who gave birth for the first time and was struggling. Therefore our volunteer fostered the whole family until the kittens got weaned and Princess, their mother, was spayed and returned to her colony.

The two kittens are gorgeous like their mum! Prince is a beautiful white-peach boy, his mummy’s colors, who never stops meowing until he eats! He is very handsome and even though he is still small he has a very toned body and seems like he is going to be very strong when he grows up. Molly is a lovely dilute calico who wins you over with her never-ending tease and gentleness, her radiant face and gorgeous colors.

The two things they don’t stop doing? Eating, since they are still growing up and playing joyfully, jumping and running all around chasing after balls or each other! They often draw the elder cats into their irresistible fun and games!

They are about 3 months old and it is time to find their permanent home where someone will embrace them and provide them with a safe environment and lots of love. Since Molly and Prince are literally inseparable we want them to be adopted together. Molly’s confidence helps immensely the still shy and a bit scared, Prince.

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