A cute black kitten is sitting comfortably on the rails of a balcony door.
Zeus, a young black cat
October 13, 2021
A fluffy tabby curled up on a colourful blanket
Tally, a fluffy tabby
October 19, 2021

Molly, a cat that needs a home

A one-eyed cat that needs a home receives caresses from a human

Molly is a one-eyed cat that needs a home. She has gone through a lot. About five years old, she appeared in a cat colony and seemed to be lost. So extremely afraid, the poor thing couldn’t even beg for a handful of food. We were soon informed that although she had been living at a home until a few months ago, her health was in poor condition. When volunteers found her, she had been abandoned. They  had her sterilized, had her bad eye extracted and relocated her to a care colony. But apparently she moved from there and found herself near a volunteer. She is now in foster care and is looking for a permanent family who will cherish her and take care of her. She had a problem with her pancreas but with medications, vitamins and a special diet she is getting better every day. Both her hearing and vision are limited. Would you be willing to care for this poor kitty and shower her with love and affection? If so, or if you just want more information, please click the pink Contact button below.