A pair of kitties sitting side by side
Paloma & Caipirinha
August 28, 2023
A little fluff ball kitten for adoption looking up at something
August 29, 2023


Mojito is a playful gentleman looking over his shoulder

Mojito is a playful gentleman and a very vocal one as well. He loves caresses and hugs and asks for them by meowing in combination with a loud purr. When someone caresses him or talks to him in a sweet voice, his tail wags with joy and he looks you in the eye prompting you to continue. He is sociable and a bit reserved, but quite curious as well.

He likes to chase his siblings, but his favourite toys are the balls that make noise, which he likes to bring to us and play “go fetch”. He gets along well with other kittens, but he hasn’t been near a dog yet, so we don’t know what his reaction would be.  During his foster time he has started to learn the harness, the carrier and being transported by car.