Nine Lives volunteer feeds the cats on her normal route while giving a cat tour of Athens
Cats are very addictive!
November 28, 2020
A timid young cat with silvery tabby markings sits on a rug
Dusty, a timid young cat
April 8, 2021


A gorgeous kitty sitting on a striped chair covering

Gorgeous kitty Miu-miu, with her sweet meowing and her large expressive eyes, was found three months ago, a mere baby, with lacerations on her hind leg toes. Scared and hurting, at first she didn’t trust humans and still keeps her distance, but with time and the right treatment, not only her toes, but her heart was healed as well. Now Miu-miu is six months old, spayed, and much calmer, and when picked up and cradled, she purrs away contentedly. She is already fully dewormed and deloused, has had her rabies vaccine, has a microchip from the Municipality of Kaisariani (which will be transferred over to her new owner) and she will be given fully vaccinated, with her health record and certificate. The only thing missing is a responsible human to give her love and a forever home, which this little doll is sure to fill with cuteness and joy—after all, judging from her pictures, she is a natural at that! If you think you might be that responsible human and are interested in this little beauty, please click the pink Contact button below.