A fluffy white kitten with grey longhaired tail and green eyes is lying on the white floor in front of a black tv.
A fluffy kitten Gandalfino
November 3, 2019
A sweet young kitten for adoption is seen surrounded by a fuzzy blanket and some pillows.
November 8, 2019


A black kitten lying on a pea green piece of fabric while a human pats her head

We found Missy, a black kitten, on the pavement next to a busy street crying for food and attention. As there were no other cats around, we decided to take her. She was skinny and had ringworm, too. From the very first moment she trusted us and sat on our lap comfortably while we were driving home. Now she is parasite free and her shiny fur is an indication that she is healthy. Her favorite activities are being cuddled and playing with her toys. She purrs constantly and she gets on well with other cats. We will give her to her new adoptive family on the condition that she will be sterilized at the appropriate age. Her vaccinations and a microchip will be provided by us.  If there are balconies in her new home they must be secured with a net. For more information on this cuddly black kitten click the pink Contact button below.