Two of the sweetest twin kittens lying together in a makeshift cat bed
Tim & Tom, the sweetest twin kittens!
August 10, 2022


A cat found in a truck engine enjoys playing in her foster home

Milena, a cat found in a truck engine, was rescued near one of our colonies.  Now 1 year old, she has been vaccinated, neutered and is parasite free. Milena is a calm and independent cat. Though she gets along well with all other cats, she is hesitant with people at first. She will need some time to adjust to a new environment.  She likes spending her time in the bathtub or the balcony. She will be given with a microchip inserted to responsible humans. If there is a balcony, it has to be netted for her protection. For more information about this adorable young cat, click the pink Contact button below.