Two calico kittens next to each other, one is sitting on the floor next to a cat scratcher while the other is lying on a beige fabric.
Gabi & Zoe
September 25, 2020
A chubby black and white cat with green eyes and a special moustache is posing with his paws tucked in next to a hydrangea.
A collector’s case – one year later
October 1, 2020


A cute black cat with yellow eyes is lying on a pink pillow while a woman caresses him.
Mephi is a black male cat with an ordinary rescue story, yet very touching. He was skinny and sick when our volunteers spotted him in the city center of Athens begging for food. They rescued him right away and took him to the vet for necessary treatment. After eye operation for entropion, treatment for the respiratory infection and neutering, he is now ready for a home. Memphi is tested negative for FiV/FelV.
This black male cat is about 1,5 years old and friendly with other cats. Even though he is a bit shy with people at first he turns out to be very affectionate and talkative once you win his trust. Memphi is looking to be an indoors cat only, so if his new home has a balcony it needs to be fenced/netted. If interested in this sweet, charming black prince, please click the pink button below.