A white/tabby female rescue cat lying with her tail wrapped around her
Missy, a female rescue cat
May 20, 2021
A friendly ginger cat sleeping on a colorful blanket
Greta, a friendly ginger cat
June 25, 2021


An adorable dilute calico is looking somewhere outside the frame with her pretty green eyes.

Mellow is a sweet dilute calico who was found under our volunteer’s house, meowing a sweet tune as if she was looking for someone. Her meowing didn’t sound familiar so our volunteer went down to look. She hid under a parked car but soon came out unable to resist to the smell of the fresh can of food. Mellow was easily caught and at that moment our volunteer realized she hadn’t seen her before in the neighborhood.

Sweet Mellow was clean and seemed comfortable around people. Even though the volunteer placed posters and made posts on social media, no one made contact or called for her. She was just another poor soul that was just thrown out on the street. After a few days she got spayed and received anti-parasite treatment. She is temporarily fostered. Mellow is about 2 years old, healthy and very very sweet. She makes some of the sweetest sounds-meows you’ve heard. If you wish to offer this beauty a truly forever home, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the pink button bellow.