A composite photo of 2 kittens looking for homes.
Prinki & Lucas
August 18, 2019
A white cat with some orange marking on his head and hind quarters relaxing on his back.
September 20, 2019


A black cat with green eyes and a fluffy tail is lying on the floor holding a colourful toy.

Max is a gorgeous 5-month-old silky, fluffy kitten. He is all black except for a streak of silver grey on his back legs and under this fluffy tail. He was discovered when he was just 2 months old under the hood of a volunteer’s car. When we found him he was a very frightened feral cat and it has taken some time for him to become socialized. Now Max is affectionate but is frightened by sudden movements in his vicinity. When he does get afraid, he hisses but does not usually bite or scratch. New people scare him and he hides when they come near him.

He does like to cuddle when he feels comfortable. Max loves to eat, and even likes a potato chip now and then. He lives and plays with another kitten the same age as well as with another, older female cat. Max would fit into a home where he can develop a relationship with someone. Since he’s still a little wild it would be best to live with a family that doesn’t have young children. Someone who has experience with cats and is patient would be ideal for Max. Since he gets along with the other cats in his foster home he should be fine with other cat(s) in his new adoptive home as well.

Max is neutered, vaccinated and parasite free. If you would like to give Max a forever home please click the pink Contact button below.