A one-eyed tortoiseshell cat watching us from a bench.
July 23, 2019
A hand holding 3 syringes in front of the black and white cat they are meant for.
A rescued cat’s struggle for health
August 7, 2019

Lulu and Stevie

Two kittens, one a tabby and the other black and white, sit on books in a bookcase.

Lulu and Stevie are two kittens for adoption who were found in different parts of the center of Athens. They ended up at the same foster home and became fast friends. They are both about 3 months old. The fluffy tabby is Lulu and the black and white kitty is Stevie. Now that they have been vaccinated and treated for parasites, they are ready for a permanent home. We would prefer it if they were adopted together since they are such great buddies. They will be given to the right home on the condition that they will be sterilized when they reach the appropriate age. If there is a balcony, it should be secured with netting. If you are interested in these delightful kittens please click the pink Contact button below.