A gorgeous black and white cat with green eyes is posing for the camera while crouching on top of some wooden furniture.
January 7, 2020
A sweet calico cat standing in an open window
Mama Lucy
January 12, 2020

Lucy the aristocat!

A gorgeous stray cat with plush black and white fur sits in a cat bed in her temporary home

Look what treasure one can find in the garbage – this gorgeous stray cat! She was sitting on some pillows that had been thrown behind a garbage bin. As soon as she saw our volunteer, Lucy ran towards her and rubbed against her legs. She was very clean and super friendly which made our volunteer think she was someone’s pet. The volunteer is familiar with all the strays there and had never seen her there before. The volunteer put posters up in case someone was looking for her, but she didn’t get any response. Lucy was taken to the vet, where no microchip was found and it turned out that she had not been spayed either. She received anti-parasite treatment, got spayed and in a few days went to be fostered by our volunteer. She is incredibly tender and quiet. Doesn’t care much about the other cats, but doesn’t mind their presence. She is almost one year old,  a real beauty – it’s hard to take your eyes off of her. Even though her appetite is great, she keeps a slim figure. Definitely a cat destined to live inside a home, whoever adopts her is sure to be happy with her! For more information, click the pink Contact button below.