An adorable black kitten ready for adoption lying on her favorite reading material
Jessica, a black kitten ready for adoption
August 12, 2021
Two little kittens for adoption seem to be posing for a portrait
Ben and Blue, two little kittens for adoption
September 18, 2021

Little Magika, an abandoned kitten

An abandoned kitten named Magika sits on the floor next to her food bowl

Poor little Magika, an abandoned kitten, was dumped on the street in a central area of Athens. Not knowing what to do, she was following everybody; it was obvious she wouldn’t survive. We took her in and she immediately behaved as if she had always lived in a home. Around 3-4 months old, irresistibly sweet, a pretty calico with vibrant colors, she starts purring the moment she sees you. She’s playful, easy going, gets along well with other cats and kittens and she doesn’t scratch or bite. She is looking for a permanent home.

She  has been treated for fleas and worms and has also been vaccinated. Would you like to learn more about affectionate little Magika? Just click the pink Contact button below.