A gorgeous stray cat with plush black and white fur sits in a cat bed in her temporary home
Lucy the aristocat!
January 7, 2020
A basket of lovely kittens.
Mama Lucy and her 6 lovely kittens
January 12, 2020


A black cat with silky fur is sitting in front of a radiator with a few toys scattered around her.

Linda is a delicate black cat with a rough start in life. She was rescued, along with 19 other cats, from a dark, filthy basement. She had been living there with no proper food, clean water or litter boxes. The dark prison had no electricity, no human presence, not even a ray of sunshine could reach these poor souls.

Thankfully, Linda and all her friends were rescued from that horrible place. She is now safely fostered and waits for her forever home. Linda is a delicate, gentle cat. She has a very discreet presence. At first, she will be a bit shy but will start approaching soon, trying to win your attention with charming tricks. A quiet home would be ideal for her calm nature. She gets along perfectly with other cats and humans. Our black princess doesn’t love fights or loud noises.

She is two years old, spayed. Linda has a majestic posture and silky black fur. This charming cat will make any family that appreciates her gentle character, very happy. If interested in this gem please contact us via the pink button below.