A ginger tabby lounges on a sofa.
April 17, 2019
A close up of a young tabby cat lying and looking somewhere in the distance.
May 2, 2019


A young cat with white patches and tabby markings lies on a couch covered with an animal print cloth.

Lily, a tabby-and-white young cat who is now about 8 months old, was found by a Nine Lives volunteer a couple of months ago on the streets with a severe limp. Her front left paw was bent sideways almost at a right angle. Our volunteer took her in to get her the necessary vet care and keep her safe from the risks of street life, which are magnified for a cat without 4 fully working legs.

Thankfully, she has feeling in her bent paw, so the problem is not neurological (which would likely necessitate amputation). She walks on her bent forearm and can use it without creating any friction wounds from dragging it. Xrays show the problem is due to a broken joint, which has not set straight.

On first meeting new people, Lily acts shy and will flinch if you try to pet her head, possibly showing she was mistreated in kittenhood. Once she gets to know you she is very affectionate and will climb up to nestle in your lap and sleep after a day of playing with her toys or chasing flies like a stealth bomber. She likes to lie on the desk while her foster mum works on her computer and plays with all the pens. And she loves basking in sunny spots.

She can now run and jump with ease, as you can see from the videos. Her bent leg does not hamper her from having a normal life safely inside a home. Lily is spayed, vaccinated and parasite-free. If you are ready to adopt an indoor-only cat, please consider lovely Lily. For more information, click the pink Contact button below.