A sweet cat with one orange eye and one bad eye curled up with her plush toy
August 9, 2019
A white cat with some black on her head sits next to an all back cat
Anabella and Zachos
August 13, 2019


An adorable black and white kitten is bathing herself next to bowls full of dry and wet food, and is looking at us as if we are disturbing her grooming session.

Lia, a black and white female kitten, was born on the 21st of May in front of our eyes inside a vet cage. Her mum was sick and she was at the vet for treatment. 2 months later her mother has been spayed and returned to her colony. Lia is the only kitten from the litter that survived. She is a very social, playful and full of energy kitten! She loves to play with her toys, she gets along with cats and dogs but she also enjoys human company and attention. We are looking for a loving home that will keep her safe indoors or if there is a balcony or a garden, it must be either netted or fenced. She is a healthy and confident kitten that will be given vaccinated and dewormed under the condition that her new family will spay her once she reaches the right age. An ideal home would already have a pet so she can have some company to play hide and seek with! If interested in this fluffy tuxedo cutie, please click the pink button.