Two rescue kittens for adoption sleeping next to each other
Snuggle & Honey, rescue kittens for adoption
July 26, 2021
Two separate pictures of two abandoned kittens up for adoption
Apollo & Manos
July 30, 2021

Leia, a young rescued cat

A young rescued cat sitting on a turquoise blue sofa.

Leia, a young rescued cat, is about 8 months old. She was living in an abandoned house where most of the male cats were attacking her. During the TNR (trap-neuter-release), Leia was spayed but we did not return her back to the abandoned house. Instead we found a foster home for her. Because of her bad experience she was a little shy in the beginning but now that she’s  gotten used to her new surroundings she plays normally and feels comfortable. She gets along well with the other cats and dogs in her foster home. She is quite healthy. For more information, click on the pink Contact button below.