A fluffy tuxedo kitten with green eyes is looking into the camera with a pleading look in his eyes.
July 3, 2019
A double picture, one of Jack a tabby lying on a wooden chair, and one of Daniel sitting up on a marble floor.
Jack and Daniel
July 15, 2019


An orange and white cat with a beautiful, fluffy tail sits on the floor in a very regal pose.

Lazarus is a beautiful male cat, now 8 years old. He has a calm and tender nature and is quite social. Even though he is FiV positive he has no active symptoms. He is a lap cat, he loves lots of hugs and he gets along with other animals. After losing his human parent 2 years ago, he has remained in foster care. Lazarus has been neutered, vaccinated and dewormed and will be given with a microchip with the name of the new owner. If there is a balcony or garden in the the new home, it must be fenced or netted. For more information on this lovely cat, click the pink Contact button below.