Two young siblings are sitting on top of a kitchen counter with cat bowls and cat toys around them.
Chrysanthos & Diantha, two young siblings
April 13, 2022
A fluffy grey-white cat with green eyes is sitting on a white knit blanket
July 8, 2022

Kourabie and Marilyn two, adorable cats

Two adorable cats are looking for a forever home. One is fluffy white with some black; the other is black with some white

These two adorable cats are looking for a forever home. Kourabie is 3 years old and little Marilyn is closing in on a year very soon!  They want to be adopted together as they are best buddies with a very close, playful bond and get along perfectly. Both have been vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered/spayed. A little info on each of them:

 Marilyn, black with some white, is a real cuddler. She loves to cozy up and purr away next to you  (or on you!) but is also very independent and amuses herself or plays with her older brothers. She is very well behaved for a kitten with the exception of having some type of personal grudge against house plants and knocking the pots over! Other than that, she is a little purring angel.

Kourabie (which is a Greek powdered sugar cookie !) is mostly fluffy white with some black markings. He is extremely shy and fearful. Though he gets along great with other cats he is very intimidated by humans (even his own caretakers). It was extremely difficult to catch him but now that he is comfortable with his surroundings he does love to come and snuggle and purr away when one is lying on the couch. He needs his space and the freedom to be himself. Letting him be is key. He is also absolutely gorgeous!

They are looking for a loving, stable home, preferably without young children as it might be a bit of an over-stimulating environment for Mr. Kourabie. They are a great pair that compliment each other very well and will keep their new caretaker laughing and entertained!

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