A tabby and white cat standing on a wall with a fence
Crooked Face: An obituary – March 2019
March 23, 2019
A young cat with white patches and tabby markings lies on a couch covered with an animal print cloth.
April 24, 2019


A ginger tabby lounges on a sofa.

Kiko, a gorgeous ginger tabby, lived exclusively with his owner for ten years. Unfortunately, his owner passed away. The owner’s son was kind enough to take in the cat. But the son has a dog and it did not appreciate this intruder. The two pets could not get along. This is not very surprising given that Kiko had not had much contact, if any, with other cats, dogs or humans.

Kiko was then taken into temporary foster care. After about one week it was amazing how he had changed! He now allows new people to approach him and pet him, and sometimes even lets them pick him up. He has started to sit on the lap of his foster mum. It was also very encouraging to see him adapt to another cat in the house, Lily. At first there was the usual hissing but now he accepts her as well as another female cat without any issues. The real test was to introduce him to the foster mum’s male cat, Oreo, who is always ready to pick a fight and was the one who put the foster mum in the hospital for 10 days over Christmas with a serious cat bite. But Kiko was quite cool, very submissive and just lay down. There was a bit of hissing but there was no cat fight. We think Kiko would do very well in a home with other cats. He is not aggressive and would do fine especially with cats that are easy going. He walks freely around the house without receiving any provocation from the other felines.

Kiko has tested negative for Flv and FIV. He is neutered, healthy, has had the rabies vaccination as well as the standard cat vaccinations. It would be ideal if he has access to a balcony in his new home.

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