A little kitten playing with a large conch shell that has a green toy in it.
Psyche, a Devious and Horrible Little Kitten!😼
November 26, 2019
A cat who is part Siamese is being held on a person's lab leans back to look at the camera
December 5, 2019

Kelly is a female cat for adoption who is approximately 1.5 to 2 years old.  Apparently some heartless person left her on the street because she was sick. When we found her, Kelly was breathing hard and we thought she had pneumonia.  After many tests we found that our little Kelly has asthma.  She will always have it, but in a warm home without stress she should be fine.  Her breathing is just a little heavier than that of most cats and she may occasionally need a little cortisone. Kelly was very shocked by the abandonment and remains a little wary of new people until she’s learned to trust them. Then she shows her love in every way possible. She can be very tender and often will stay in your hugging arms for hours. We are looking for a compassionate human who will not be put off by her problem and will offer her a warm home and a lot of love. She needs to be an indoor cat and if there is a balcony or garden it must netted or fenced. For further information on this kitty click the pink Contact button below.