A silver tabby with dazzling green eyes is lying on a beige bed that is part of a cat tree.
May 23, 2019
A tortoiseshell kitten standing in a window with another one peeking out from behind her.
Lykosa and Skia
June 11, 2019


A tabby kitten with a bad eye plays with a colorful pinwheel.

Little Kardia (Heart), a kitten with a damaged eye, was found at Ippokrateio hospital in Athens. For days she stood apart from the cats who reside there permanently as they didn’t recognize her as one of their own. Her skinny body was covered with flea bites and her belly was swollen because of worms. Now her fur is shinny and and she acts like Dennis the Menace, running around like crazy and jumping over “obstacles”. She is playful as well as bossy with other cats and kittens and purrs constantly while enjoying cuddles.

Kardia is 4 months old but petite for her age. She was in heat once already (she will be spayed once she puts on some more weight). She will be given vaccinated and parasite free to responsible humans as an indoor cat. If there is a balcony in the home it needs to be secured with a net.

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