A white tabby is lying comfortably on a blue couch with a yellow pillow behind her.
Poppy, a true survivor!
May 21, 2020
A beautiful cat for adoption lying contentedly with his furry friend
June 4, 2020


A pretty long haired cat looking at something in the mirror

This pretty, long haired cat is named Kannell. Mostly white with some grey and peach patches, she has an endearing black dot on her nose. When we found her she was pregnant and weak, lying next to a large street, in danger of being hit by oncoming traffic. Kannell is very sweet but is a little shy with new people. But once you get to know her she’s very cuddly. Approximately 1.5 years old, she has been sterilized and vaccinated. She’s looking for a permanent home, with or without other cats. If you’d like more information about this playful cat, please click the pink button below.