A basket of lovely kittens.
Mama Lucy and her 6 lovely kittens
January 12, 2020
A calico cat for adoption, sitting on someone's lap, stares into the distance
January 24, 2020


A black cat with green eyes is looking to us while sitting on a brown wooven chair.

Joy is a female black cat that had a rough start in her life. Even though she is only two years old, she had known nothing but neglect until her rescue. You see, Joy had been living in a dark and filthy basement along with 19 other cats. The place was cold, no clean water or proper meals available, and the human company was rare. Thankfully, volunteers rescued all of them and moved them to safety.

Nowadays, this black beauty is spayed and has received proper vet care. She is currently fostered awaiting to be adopted. Joy has two piercing eyes that give out how young she is and it’s certain they will captivate you the moment you set eyes on them! Her fur is shiny and silky, with just a few white hair here and there, contributing to her majestic looks. As for her social skills, she gets along perfectly with cats and humans. This adorable cat loves playing with her feline friends but she is also very cuddly and will seduce you in a heartbeat.

If you are interested in giving Joy the good life she deserves, please contact us by clicking the pink button below.