A tabby and white cat standing on a wall with a fence
Crooked Face: An obituary – March 2019
March 23, 2019
A tabby kitten with a bad eye plays with a colorful pinwheel.
May 24, 2019


A silver tabby with dazzling green eyes is lying on a beige bed that is part of a cat tree.

Jolie, a silver tabby with dazzling green eyes is looking for a home. We rescued Jolie at Kypseli after an emergency call informing us that the colony males have been chasing her non stop. We found her with one of her back paws amputated, probably from a dog bite as the vet suggested. She is a gorgeous 10 months old silver tabby with emerald eyes, spayed and dewormed.

Due to her situation she must find a safe home, without the risk of unprotected yards, gardens or balconies. She gets along with other young cats who have a calm nature and loves playing with them, as well as chasing toys like balls and feathers. Even though she was used to eating souvlaki, she has now transitioned to dry food successfully, and doesn’t even care about treats or wet food.

The ideal home for her is a quiet one with experienced cat parents. She is scared of loud noises and sudden moves and can stay hidden if she gets scared. She enjoys a soft petting behind the ears and if you earn her trust she will reward you by licking your hand! If you are interested in adopting this beautiful kitten please click the pink button below!