Two young siblings are sitting on top of a kitchen counter with cat bowls and cat toys around them.
Chrysanthos & Diantha, two young siblings
April 13, 2022
A black bear of a tomcat, solid black except for one small spot of white and with golden eyes
Darth Vader, a huge black bear of a tomcat
May 26, 2022

Jolie, a cat who lost her tail after a painful accident

A tabby who lost her tail in a painful accident snuggles up to a human

Jolie is a sweet tabby cat who lost her tail after a painful accident. We think it happened in a car engine where she was trapped. After we rescued her she had 1.5 months of hospitalization, 4 surgeries and a lot of care from our veterinarian. Jolie not only managed to stay alive and but she recuperated very well. During her treatment, she showed us her wonderful character and we promised her that she wouldn’t go back on the streets. Aside from lacking a tail she also steps on one front leg slightly differently, but these anomalies do not restrict her or bother her in any activities. 

About 1.5 years old, Jolie is very sociable and loves hugs and petting. We are looking for a foster / adoption home that will offer her all the affection she is looking for. We will be more than happy to provide additional information. Just click the pink Contact button below.