A tuxedo cat is sitting on a window porch next to a wooden treasure box.
July 3, 2019
An orange and white cat with a beautiful, fluffy tail sits on the floor in a very regal pose.
July 5, 2019


A fluffy tuxedo kitten with green eyes is looking into the camera with a pleading look in his eyes.

Jessie is a fluffy kitten who is two months old, currently living in a neutered cat colony.  He is super friendly, loves to be stroked and petted and would make a purrfect pet. Although he is fed daily and monitored, it is dangerous for him to live outside so we are looking for an adoption as soon as possible.
Jessie comes when he’s called, loves his food and is very playful. He is very sociable and loving and aside from eating, his first love, he likes nothing better, than to be tickled behind his ears and stroked.
If you can offer him a home it would be a purrfect ending or beginning and save another generation of kittens from growing up in a life outside with all its inherent dangers.
If he has a home lined up he will be microchipped and vaccinated and will be fostered for a short period of time during his treatment by the vet in order to be socialized with other domestic cats.