These adorable kittens for adoption are sitting together on someone's lap
Marvin & Pablito, adorable kittens
August 10, 2021
An abandoned kitten named Magika sits on the floor next to her food bowl
Little Magika, an abandoned kitten
September 11, 2021

Jessica, a black kitten ready for adoption

An adorable black kitten ready for adoption lying on her favorite reading material

Jessica is not just another black kitten ready for adoption. Her body is like a painting where small touches of white have escaped from the painter’s brush. Drops of white on each foot, more just below her neck and a splash on her abdomen. She is wise, careful and ready for games with ribbons but is also prepared for deep sleep on soft pillows. She fought for her life and especially for her eyes, which were covered with mucus when we found her. Three months old now, she looks at you with bright eyes and only a small valley on the edge reveals something of her sufferings. With affection and love she will fill you with joy with her intelligence and antics.

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