Tri-colored cat Zouzou looks at the viewer with large round eyes
August 13, 2017
A tabby cat, found as kitten, looks at us from the back of a couch
August 13, 2017

Helena & Katarina

Two tricolored cats sitting next to each other, looking in the same direction

Abandoned as young adult cats in a central Athens park, cared for by Nine Lives for four years before finally finding a home together!

“They were both about five years old when they came to us, are now about 13 and keeping well for their years. Helena is much the larger, indeed we have a constant battle against greed and overweight; she eats as if she might never be able to find another meal, which may reflect a tough kittenhood. Katarina is however slim, much more moderate in her eating habits, and also regular in taking exercise in our garden and those of our neighbours. She is also, unlike Helena, a doughty huntress and will sometimes eat her kill. We try to minimise the Artemis in her by careful and regular feeding. She loves the outdoor life, especially in hot summer weather which must recall her youth, and will sometimes disappear for a whole day together, generally returning at dead of night and sometimes joining us in the bedroom, or slipping into one of her favourite baskets. This is not like Helena at all, who is much more the house cat. Sometimes, like Katarina, she will land squarely on our bed at night, and if they both do this they are quite a hefty presence. They are very affectionate towards us, each in their own way and Katarina perhaps more obviously so, and are very suspicious of anyone else, even family members.”

  • Robin & Jane, Helena & Katarina’s adopters