A sun-bathed ginger kitten is looking into the camera while sitting on a cat tree which is outside at a balcony.
Hector, an adorable ginger
September 21, 2021
Two rescued kittens, brother and sister, sit near each other and look at something in the distance
Fred and Phoebe, rescued kittens
October 3, 2021

Hanna, a formerly sick kitten we rescued

A long haired tabby with green eyes is lying on the balcony

Hanna was a sick kitten when rescued. Her sister Tali was found in a sewer and the vet discovered that she had panleukopenia. Neighbors told us that Tali had a sister, so we searched for her. Fortunately, we found her and brought her to the vet. After a stay in the hospital, she (and Tali) are now healthy.

Born in March 2021, Hanna has been neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas as well as worms. One of her favorite pastimes  is to watch as a human in her home does sewing. She is very sweet, likes to be petted and plays all day with her sister and Zeus, also a survivor of typhus. Hannah grew up with these two and nine other cats, so she is quite used to living with other cats. She’s never been in contact with dogs or children so we’re not sure how she would react to them. Ideally we would want for Hanna to be adopted with her sister and/or Zeus, but if a home has a cat already, we will consider giving her as a single cat. For more information about Hanna, click the pink Contact button below.