A hand holding 3 syringes in front of the black and white cat they are meant for.
A rescued cat’s struggle for health
August 7, 2019
2 adorable youn cats who need a home. A tabby is on the left and a white cat with black markings is on the right
Prinki & Lucas
August 18, 2019

Hailey, a cat waiting for adoption, was living outside a central hospital in Athens. One day we noticed that she was not able to chew her dry food and that she was spending most of the time curled up in a corner. Her fur looked horrible, a sure sign that a cat isn’t well. We could tell that she probably had a respiratory problem and once at the vet’s, we found out that she also had a severe ear infection and needed teeth extraction. We did blood tests too and the poor kitty tested positive for FIV. Fostering her was the only option to complete her treatment and make sure that she would get all the care she needed.

Since then, she has grown new soft fur, the respiratory and ear infection have been cured and she looks like a new cat. She enjoys human as well as feline company, loves her wet food and cuddles and we hope that this 6-year-old kitty has another dozen years left as, apart from being FIV positive, her blood tests were quite good. Since FIV is not contagious to humans she could be an only cat or live with another FIV cat that is calm and not bossy. She is spayed and parasite free. If interested, please click the pink Contact button below.