A black and white cat and an orange and white cat sit cuddled up together with a yellow and orange background.
Agapi & Nikolakis
August 15, 2019
A composite photo of 2 kittens looking for homes.
Prinki & Lucas
August 18, 2019


Head shot of a silver-grey cat with one paw on the table

When this young boy cat with the silver-grey fur was found in the center of Athens, he was so thin he was just skin and bones. He was also sick with fever and had a nose full of mucous.  His cold was treated, he was neutered and he got used to good food and amenities and that’s why we decided to foster him and give him a chance for a forever home. Grizzly is 1 year old, FIV-FeLV negative, parasite free and vaccinated. Life on the streets made him shy and hesitant with people. We are looking for someone who will fall for this charming boy and will give him time to trust them. He gets along well with other cats and it would be great if there was another feline in his home. If there is a balcony that he will have access to it must be fenced. If there’s a garden it must be netted. For more information about this cat who is lovelier than his name implies, please click the pink Contact button.