A beautiful tri-colored cat looking at us from a shelf.
February 4, 2019
A black cat curled up on a colorful quilt.
February 18, 2019


A beautiful, fluffy peach-colored and white cat sits next to a glass door.

Grissino, a cat for adoption, was found neutered, microchipped (but not registered) with a heavy respiratory problem, rotten teeth and dirty and tangled fur. The rotten teeth were removed, he completed his antibiotic treatment, had a bath (and his tail shaved) and he is ready for a forever home! He is about 10 years old, the blood tests showed that his liver and kidneys are in good shape which means that he has another 10-12 years to go and we want him to spend them in a loving home. He is a quiet cat that loves sitting on his bed or the sofa but also playing with his toys. Once he gets to know people he shows his belly and starts purring. You can tell from his picture with a plastic cup balancing on his head that he can be very tolerant! He will be given as an indoor cat (the balcony has to be netted) to a responsible loving human/family. He used to live in a colony so he would be fine in a home with another cat but he could also be a single one. If you’d like more information about this gorgeous and quiet cat, click the pink Contact button below.