Kitten, Reggie, rests on a couch.
August 13, 2017
Amal, a former stray cat, sits by the window
August 13, 2017


Former member of a cat colony basks in the sun in her adopted home

Golden-oldie Greta lived in a cat colony for years. But as she got older, not only was she plagued by chronic stomatitis but her eyesight also started to fade, putting her in great danger.

“Greta has been living with me since Christmas of 2016 and she is part of my family. She became almost one with the furniture – since she is resting everywhere she can, snoring like a gorilla! She remains a wild cat in many ways, but we share lots of tender moments and it’s getting better day by day! All she really wants is to sit next to me, have a full plate of food and keep her distance from my other 3 male cats – but the feelings are mutual I guess, so everyone is happy. We visit the vet once in a month and she is really doing fine. It was destiny for Greta, but for me as well, as I got to meet this lovely group of people who do so much for the stray cats in Athens. And adopting a senior cat is bliss.”

— Marina, Greta’s adopter