An adorable dilute calico is looking somewhere outside the frame with her pretty green eyes.
June 15, 2021
A silvery long-haired cat posing for the camera while standing on a red blanket.
July 3, 2021

Greta, a friendly ginger cat

A friendly ginger cat sleeping on a colorful blanket

Greta, a.k.a.  Piperaki, is a very sweet and friendly ginger cat that has been through some hard times. We assume that she was abandoned by previous owners because we found her in one of our colonies where we feed strays. She looked quite healthy but after an ultrasound, a mass was found in the liver which was removed. After a difficult but successful surgery, survivor Greta feels fine and plays and eats normally. She should eat special food for the liver and be checked every 6 months. A calm, easy-going and tender cat, Greta will make a great companion. She is looking for permanent home where she can have the love she deserves.  For more information, click the pink Contact button below.