Two twin cats who are white with a bit of orange are snuggling on a white bed sheet.
Pipilas & Mpezes, the cuddliest twins!
November 12, 2021
A pretty fluffy cat is lying on a wooven basket with flowers in the background.
Elliot, a fluffy cuddle bear
November 27, 2021

Garfield and Bobbie, two young kittens

Two young kittens are snuggling on someone's lap.
Garfield and Bobbie are two young kittens looking for a home, ideally together. These lovely boys were rescued in very poor health, with flu and ringworm. After weeks of treatment, they are in excellent condition now and are finally ready to find their perfect home/s.
Have you ever seen more magnificent markings than this kitten Garfield’s? Or a cuter bobtail than his brother Bobbie’s? They are very playful and will entertain you with their adorable antics, they have had their first vaccine and are booked in for neutering. They get along great together, but could be adopted to different homes as companions to other lively young cats. If interested in this adorable duo, simply click the pink button below.