A fluffy cat held by a human and looking into the camera.
Fiona, a fluffy cat with a pretty face
September 15, 2020
A cute black cat with yellow eyes is lying on a pink pillow while a woman caresses him.
September 25, 2020

Gabi & Zoe

Two calico kittens next to each other, one is sitting on the floor next to a cat scratcher while the other is lying on a beige fabric.

Gabi and Zoe are two calico kittens who are inseparable. Even though they aren’t sisters by blood, they surely are sisters for life! In other words, they complete each other perfectly, so we wish for them to find a home together. However, they can also be adopted separately if the ideal home is found.

Gabi was abandoned in a small colony near a very busy road. Our volunteer rescued her as she was just 2.5 months old and would cross the street many times a day, putting herself in danger. She is very playful with anything she finds interesting; Gabi is curious and full of energy but also loves to cuddle and is a lap cat. Moreover, she loves her wet food and does eat her kibbles as well.

Our volunteers spotted Zoe during a TNR program in Monastiraki. She was with her mother in an abandoned burned out building that had no access. It was imperative to go back and find them both. Fortunately, one Sunday they spotted the kitten outside of the burned-out building. She was easy to approach with food and went easily into the cage. It was evident the kitten had a terrible eye infection in both eyes. She stayed at the vet office for one week so her eye infection could be treated properly.

She is now completely healthy; the only small damage is to her left eye which is slightly smaller than the right one. She is a playful kitten with Gabi where they run and chase each other. In addition, she likes to do her kneading on your stomach but is not one to linger there. Zoe likes to find a quiet dark area for resting. This adorable calico is not a huge fan of being picked up and held.

Both of our calico kittens are spayed, vaccinated and parasite free with no health issues that need attention in the long run. Our sweet girls are now 5 months old and they spend every minute of the day together and with an older female cat that is 13 years. Moreover, they also come in contact with two male older cats and are quite calm even though the male cats do not like having new cats around.

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