A long-haired calico cat lying on a pink backdrop with her toy beside her
April 30, 2021

Frosty, the bravest cat

Frosty, the bravest cat, looks at us from his cat bed with his one good eye

Meet Frosty, the bravest cat we have ever met! On the 16th of Feb, the day that Athens was covered in snow, Frosty tried to find shelter inside a car’s engine. Unfortunately his left paw got mangled by the car engine’s belt and he experienced a Subconjunctival hemorrhage on his right eye, which caused him to lose his sight on the right side. He was found because he wouldn’t stop crying, shaking from the minus zero temperatures, in a small box where he was put by a cafe owner. The animal control never showed up, so one of our volunteers decided to take him home. On that same afternoon he was operated on, but unfortunately he lost his paw. Now, after 2.5 months and many, many treatments and visits to the vet, his leg has almost healed perfectly, we got rid of the fungus that caused him to shed fur, and we didn’t need to remove his eye. He has been treated for parasites and vaccinated and ready to be adopted! He runs really fast using his 3 legs for the moment, he likes to cuddle and he is searching for his forever home. Frosty needs to stay inside in order for him to be safe. He will be given to the right home with the understanding that he be neutered and given a microchip. Please click the pink Contact button below for more information.