A sweet calico cat standing in an open window
Mama Lucy
January 12, 2020
A chubby-looking tabby cat is enjoying some head rubs from her human while lying on a floral couch sheet.
February 10, 2020


A one-eyed ginger cat is looking into the camera while sitting on a bed with another calico cat in the background.
Frixos is a one-eyed ginger male cat. He was rescued by a woman when he was just a baby and found inside a car engine. Unfortunately, two years later, he has to find a new home as the lady and her cats got evicted.
This one-eyed ginger is too shy at first but once you earn his trust he turns into a purring machine. The ideal home for him is one filled with love and patience. Even though he only has one eye, that doesn’t stop him from acting just like every other cat with no disability.
He gets well with other cats, dogs and children. He needs to find a person who will offer him the life he deserves after all he has been through. If interested in adopting this precious boy, please click the pink button below or send us an email.