A long haired tabby with green eyes is lying on the balcony
Hanna, a formerly sick kitten we rescued
September 26, 2021
A gorgeous black cat is lying against a white wall.
Spyridon, a tender panther
October 7, 2021

Fred and Phoebe, rescued kittens

Two rescued kittens, brother and sister, sit near each other and look at something in the distance

Fred, an orange male, and Phoebe, a tabby female, are two rescued kittens. The two siblings are about five months old and were snatched from a large avenue before they had a chance to be hit by cars. Both were sick and almost blind. With the appropriate treatment we were able to save both of Fred’s eyes and one of Phoebe’s. One of Fred’s eyes is a bit blurry but both kittens can move about normally. These two darlings are extremely affection, enjoying hugs and petting and also get along well with other cats. They love playing with their toys.We are looking for a forever home for these sweet kittens. If you are interested or would like more information, click the pink Contact button below.