The author who adopted this orange cat while travelling in Greece
Herding Cats and other Greek Tales
March 10, 2022
Two young siblings are sitting on top of a kitchen counter with cat bowls and cat toys around them.
Chrysanthos & Diantha, two young siblings
April 13, 2022

Falbala, a blue-eyed kitten

A very pretty white blue-eyed kitten lying on a bed and looking into space

Falbala is a blue-eyed kitten with white fur and tabby markings. She was found sleeping on a garbage bin, and immediately woke up when she heard us, approaching to eat. Our blue-eyed girl looked in a really bad condition compared to the other cats in her colony. Our volunteers trapped her immediately and took her to the vet.

Falbala was treated for a severe ear infection and skin problems and tested FIV positive. She is a petite 7-month-old cat, friendly, affectionate and playful. Our sweet girl gets along well with other cats but she could also be a single cat. If there are balconies they have to be secured with a net. Please click the pink button below if you wish to adopt this beauty!