A black cat with green eyes is looking to us while sitting on a brown wooven chair.
January 21, 2020
A one-eyed ginger cat is looking into the camera while sitting on a bed with another calico cat in the background.
February 10, 2020


A calico cat for adoption, sitting on someone's lap, stares into the distance

Elsa is a female calico cat for adoption. She is about 2 years old. When we first found her in our colony, she seemed very scared and it was obvious that she had been abandoned recently. Every day she would walk next to different volunteers, waiting for the one person who would bring her home and give her the love she wanted so desperately. At night she didn’t know where to hide, so she would try to find shelter in front of an abandoned house. Now she has found temporary safety in a foster home.

Elsa is very tender and social. She enjoys human companionship and likes to cuddle for hours. She would work well within a family and she gets along with other animals as long as they are friendly. She is healthy, neutered,  dewormed and vaccinated and FIV, Felv negative. As mentioned earlier, we gather from her actions and her condition that Elsa was a house cat who was abandoned on the street. When we found her she was terrified and cried a lot. Because of this we feel Elsa should be adapted as an indoor cat. For her protection, if there is a balcony or garden, it should be netted or fenced. For more information about this cuddly kitty, click the pink Contact button below.