A friendly ginger cat sleeping on a colorful blanket
Greta, a friendly ginger cat
June 25, 2021
This is a beautiful female long-haired cat sitting on a tiled floor and looking up at us
Ameli: a beautiful, female long-haired cat
July 19, 2021

Until recently, Eleonor, a rescued cat for adoption, had a very tough life. For five years she was a tortured stray cat who was always sick, constantly trying to warm up, eat and survive. When we first brought her home and tried to pet her, she shrank back against the railings with an icy glare. After some time she learned to trust her human and now enjoys caresses, hugs, care and other comforts. In fact, she has become the ultimate house cat! She has a rare beauty and nobility despite the fact that her fur has not grown in where the vet shaved her. We have done everything we can to bring her back to health, though she still has a runny nose from a chronic condition. Now she is ready for her permanent home. We hope to find someone who will not only appreciate her fine looks but will appreciate her background and accept her as she is. If you think you could be the one, click the pink Contact button below