A fluffy calico, missing an ear, looks into the camera
Zoe, a fluffy calico
February 28, 2023
A stray cat sits outside in a fenced area.
May 10, 2023


Edison, our sweet little guy, curled up facing camera.

This sweet little guy, whom we named Edison, showed up two weeks before Easter at the entrance of a neighboring apartment building, scared and very hungry. With a bit of food and petting, though, he began to reveal his brilliant character. Although completely deaf, he is incredibly loving, tame and affectionate, showing complete trust in the lady who feeds him. He was already spayed and is healthy and vital, so it is possible that he was in somebody’s home before, yet nobody has looked for him, and it is dangerous for him to remain on the street. He needs a loving forever home which will provide a calm, peaceful environment, and he will absolutely light up your life!

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