A cat looking very pleased with the pats she's receiving.
August 9, 2019
Ένας λευκός γάτος με μαύρα μπαλώματα κοιτάζει την κάμερα με έκπληκτο ύφος.
Prinki & Lucas
August 18, 2019

Donna & Mitsi

Two previously abandoned cats, found at separate times and locations, sitting together in a room painted yellow

Donna and Mitsi are two abandoned cats, found at different times and locations, who have become best buddies.

We found Donna starving and scared in a park. It was apparent that she was from someone’s home because she had been neutered. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon. When people decide to move, just get tired of dealing with a pet or for many other reasons, they often cruelly get rid of their pets by leaving them on the street, in a waste bin, in a park or elsewhere.

Approximately 9 months old, Donna has one bad eye which she most likely was born with. However, it doesn’t need any medical treatment and she can see well with her other eye. She’s a cuddly and playful cat.

Mitsi is 3 years old. She and Donna have been living together in their foster home for a year, ever since Donna was rescued. Because they are as close as sisters, sleeping curled up together and playing with their toys together, we would like them to be adopted together into the same home. Mitsi is sterilized and and has been vaccinated.

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