One white-tabby and a younger tortie, two bonded kittens for adoption, are sitting next to each other while looking back at us.
Lily and Nanoulis, two bonded kittens!
July 21, 2021
Two rescue kittens for adoption sleeping next to each other
Snuggle & Honey, rescue kittens for adoption
July 26, 2021

Domino, a playful kitten

A playful kitten lying in a hammock made just for him

Little Domino, now a fearless and playful kitten, cried for many days while hiding under cars. He managed to deceive our volunteer who was trying to catch him. Eventually hunger defeated his cunning and he entered the trap and was saved from a very dangerous life. He had a bath, he was dewormed and now he is ready to entertain you! But do not let his serious black mask fool you! This little man has a funny and tender side that makes him adorable and lovable.  

Social and affectionate, he enjoys the company of humans and lives quite harmoniously with the other cats and the dog where he is currently being fostered.  Since he is only about 3-4 months old, Domino has a full life of love and play ahead of him. He will be very happy in a family that will offer him affection and security. And that family will be delighted with him as an addition to their home. He is FiV/felv negative. Click the pink Contact button below for more details.