A gorgeous black kitten with green eyes is looking straight into the camera while inside a blue and yellow cat tunnel.
July 8, 2020
A dark image of a foster cat looking straight into the camera
Foster (cat) Fail
July 11, 2020


An tiny ginger kitten is held into the palm of a human.

Diesel is a 2-month-old ginger kitten who was found hiding in a car engine on a rainy June day. When our volunteer looked for him she found a grey, oily furball, hiding between wires. Our ginger boy had miraculously escaped certain death as he had traveled inside the engine for a long distance.

After his first bath his warm colors were revealed and it was a matter of time for him to unravel his adorable personality. Just a look at his beautiful sly eyes will make you smile! Who can resist his sweet little face?

All Diesel wants is a family to embrace and love him. He is a very playful and lively kitten who gets along well with kittens and dogs, but also enjoys human company. If interested in this precious ginger kitten please click the pink button below.